Today, we are very pleased to announce our new cooperation with Pandanet! Very soon, Pandanet users will be able to upload their games directly to AI Sensei after finishing. In addition, you can now log in to AI Sensei with your Pandanet account, too. The post-game upload process will be very smooth, with an “Analyze with AI” button appearing inside the GoPanda2 software right after the game is complete.

Pandanet will be rolling out this new feature to all GoPanda2 users over the course of the next few weeks. We are very excited to welcome these new users and have them as part of our growing community!

In addition, we also recently rolled out an update to game and Live analysis, making it more responsive and faster. Suggested moves are now shown much sooner in Live Mode, as the analysis is still running. This will allow for quicker analysis for your own variations, or for checking alternate moves. We hope you enjoy this improvement, and look forward to your feedback!