Studying Go was never this easy.

Studying Go was never this easy.

Analyze your games with our advanced AI for free and take your Go to the next level.


Find your mistakes quickly and see the correct move at a glance.


Explore variations with our built-in live analysis.


Ask the community for advice whenever you need help.


Practice the correct moves with the Quiz Mode to make sure you never make the same mistake again!


It's Focused

See at a glance what's important in a game.

It's Free

Upload games for free, or subscribe for high quality.

It's Mobile

Works from your browser, tablet, or phone.

It's Strong

Can defeat pros giving two stones handicap.

It's Fast

Analyzing a full game takes only minutes.

It's Social

Share games with friends by sending a link.


"I use AI Sensei on my phone and tablet to analyze my tournament games right after they finished."
Artem Kachanovskyi
Professional 2 Dan EGF
"AI Sensei helped me finally become German champion!"
Benjamin Teuber
6 Dan, AI Sensei Founder