After months of work, we're proud to finally release a brand new AI Sensei version.

These are the most important changes:

Go Board Changes

The board was completely reworked for a better user experience. The look of the next move and the AI alternatives should be more intuitive, and you can now just click on the board to explore variations. Live analysis is always on. Also, moves are now colored depending on how good they are:

AI Move, Good Move, Inaccuracy, Mistake, or Blunder.

The mistake threshold has been replaced by a "student level" slider for better guidance. The stronger the rank, the more moves are considered mistakes, just like before.

New "Discuss" Feature

You can now ask questions to the AI Sensei community whenever you wonder about something. Just go to the game position in question and enter your text in the "discuss" box.

Page Design

The AI Sensei website itself also looks quite differently now:

  • The navigation bar moved to the left to make space for the board.
  • The game bar got collapsed into a small menu in the top right.
  • There are now preview images on all game links.
  • The color scheme is less distracting.

If you need to, you can still find the old version under for a while. If you encounter any problems with the new version, remember to contact us via feedback button or email to [email protected].