AI Sensei offers four subscription levels that differ in analysis strength and length of the shown variations:

PlanPlayoutsVariation LengthSampleMonthly Price
Free50about 4 movesLinkFREE
Basic500about 10 movesLink  5.95 $  or  4.95 €
Dan2500about 15 movesLink11.95 $  or  9.95 €
Pro10000about 18 movesLink27.95 $ or 24.95 €

Free is for occasional players or to try out AI Sensei. With 50 playouts, the AI should already beat many pro players in a game, but it might misread life & death situations sometimes. Its AI variations are about 4 moves long.

Basic gives you access to high quality reviews for a small price. Using 500 playouts, the AI has superhuman strength and will output variations that are about 10 moves long, depending on the position ...

Dan offers ambitious students a powerful analysis. Its 2500 playouts per move result in very precise and deep reading. The variations are about 15 moves on average, sometimes even longer.

Pro is intended for the most intensive Go training. Using 10000 playouts, it will give you variation lengths of about 18 moves on average.

The sample game links above show the same game analyzed with all levels, so you can compare the differences for yourself.