AI Sensei officially sponsors the 1st Transatlantic Professional Go League which has just started. Here's a very exciting game from the first week-end:

The game is full of interesting fights. Pavol as white got an early lead by black 43, but it was even again after white 58 settled for a smaller ko than necessary. After the mistake of white 116, it was difficult for both sides to find the best moves in this fight. Black did manage to get a big lead eventually, but white managed to fight back with a ko up to 168. It stayed even again, until another ko on the right side emerged. White's threats of 208 and 214 didn't work out, as black managed to defend in sente up to 223. Although black missed several chances to expand his lead in - guess what - a ko, Remi managed to keep his lead and win his first match. Congratulations!

You can also check out the full game including AI reviews.