This game is from the Pair Go Tournament of the US e-Go Congress. The game is special because it features two “super Shimaris” by black! :)

The noteworthy moves are:

Move 44: This was the first significant mistake of the game. White decided to trade four stones for outside influence.

Move 45 & 46: Black follows up by loosing five points in the next move and after whites correct answer the game is back to being very close again.

Move 73: Black could have played at “A” and used the crosscut to create a difficult Aji like Katago recommends.

Move 74: However, the black pair finds a nice sacrificing sequence to gain a small lead.

Move 94 & 96: The game stays even until white does some overplays at these moves.

Move 102 & 104 & 108: These imprecise moves lead to the death of a white group. This decided the game! :)